8 Amazing Bollywood Facts

Based in Mumbai, Bollywood has become the home of Indian cinema. Akin to Hollywood, hundreds of movies are made here every year with 263 feature films produced in 2014 alone. Movies created here are enjoyed all over the world, from people watching on their phone with the Vidmate app to bustling theaters. Here are some interesting facts about the Mumbai movie Mecca.

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●    The Bollywood movie scene wasn’t always a prestigious walk of life. In 1949 a now famous composer was presented as a tailor at his wedding, that being preferable to a music composer for the movies!

●    Well-known Indian singer Mohammad Rafi was a massive fan of the boxer Muhammad Ali, so much so that during a visit to Chicago he requested a meeting with the famous fighter.

●    Actors work for much less in Bollywood than their Hollywood counterparts. Dharmendra’s famous movie Dil Bhi Tera Him Bhi Tere only paid him a stipend of 51 rupees.

●    Meena Kumari and her husband Kamaal where both famous actors and poets. However, Meen refused to show her husband any of her poems.

●    Actress Kareena Kapoor had the privilege of wearing over 130 dresses in one of her movies called Heroine. The wardrobe would go on to be the most expensive collection used in a Bollywood film of all time.

●    The famous movie Rockstar was filmed in reverse order. The directors decided to make this unusual decision because they did not wish to disturb the continuity of the main actor’s hairstyle. See if you can notice any change when watching on the Vidmate app.

●    Although she was only 13 at the time, Sridevi was chosen to play the role of the stepmother in the Tamil movie titled Moondru Mudichu.

●    Famous Bollywood movie screenwriter Dev Anand used to take his movie titles from newspaper headlines and famous folk tales.